Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wale's Mixtape About Nothing

Here it is.

Wale makes mixtapes like they're his actual albums, something many rappers don't do.

Tracks 1-10

Tracks 11-19

Friday, May 30, 2008

Did I Do That?

Yes I did.

Lil' Wayne - Tha Carter III

Part 1

Part 2



The Man Mr. Leslie

This dude right here is for real...Wit ALL the hype surrounding him i was sure i was gonna be disappointed, but damn...U cannot deny talent...

Ryan Leslie - Rescue You
The remix is from Next Selection, Mr. Leslie's own production team who has already been dropping hotness for a while......oh and for the record i refer to him as Mr. Leslie cuz my nigga graduated from Harvard at 19 and chose to do music. Beautiful.

-Sir T

Here you go Sir Tef lol

Thursday, May 29, 2008

In Keeping Up With The Stripper Theme

Ain't no place I wanna be other than where the pic above shows, with this song bumping, and your boy FUCKED up, acting a damn fool! My next birthday will be spent here. Y'all invited.

Tyga - Gettin' Gettin'

Big ups to my homie, a fashion icon, a fashion Zeus, none other than Richard Busaka for puttin' me up on this one.



I think Killa forgot a crucial track for this theme. Both are hot songs....!!!

Shawty Redd - Drifter

--_-L.A. PHIL-_--

Indeed I did.


Bored And Angry................

I am very bored, as you can see from the pic above and also angry because I have no water in my building and I really got to get to work. So while my day is all fucked up I thought I would drop some songs that would make yours. Some are new and some are old. But they will definitely make your day.

Shawty Redd - Special (Props to L. Beat)

Clyde Carson Ft. Sean Kingston - Doin' That

Roscoe Umali Ft. Akon, Colby Odonis - I Got It

Taio Cruz - Take You Away (Prod. Timbaland)

Wale X Justice = Freshness

This here is the cover for URB's 150th issue. Now thats making a statement.
But hopefully all you WERDup faithful have checked out the Wale mixtape I posted earlier in the week. One of my favorite songs is the W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E. remix to Justice's D.A.N.C.E. Both songs are fire as well as their videos. the videos are very creative and I like both a lot.

Justice - D.A.N.C.E

Wale - W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What Is The Formula?

Take one dope MC in Buckshot.

Add a dope producer in 9th wonder.=

And you have:

Buckshot & 9th Wonder - The Formula

Forgive the lateness on this one.





DMX - How's It Going Down

A lowkey classic DMX cut and my favorite from the rapper. Look out for more DMX in the future. And can someone hook it up with the uncut video version?



Michael Jackson: 25th Anniversary of Thriller

So your probably wondering why im posting the Anniversary album for thriller. You probably thought it was just the same tracks that was on Thriller but you are wrong. This album has some pretty tight remix's by Kanye West, and many more. Michael actually layed some new verse's down with Akon, and Fergie. The shit is just tight. I included the original songs from plus the new remixed ones.


Michael Jackson's 25th Anniversary of Thriller

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wale (pronounced wah-lay)

One of the artists that i've followed closely for the past few months has been Wale. YES thats his real name [backronym for "We Aint Like Everyone" ]. Rapping out of D.C., this man fuses hip hop and go-go music and has gained national and international attention. 100 Miles & Running, his third mixtape released July 11, 2007, has been in heavy rotation on my itunes. so with no further ado...

Wale's 100 Miles & Running

p.s. Wale also has a brand new mixtape called "Mixtape About Nothing" releasing May 30th... THIS FRIDAY. You already kno u can count on me to hook it up.

Monday, May 26, 2008 is the name sir!!!!

ayo wat up... this is the notorious josh whose name has appeared on this site in recent times. lol due to killa's recruitment of people "schoolin' you on nuthin' but the freshness, dopeness, ect-ness!" i am now a part of this team. i've been wanting to post so much on this site and now i get the chance. i just dont kno where to start. [i guess thats a good thing]. so for the next couple of days dont be surprised by how much heat i will be giving you.


New Music Mondays...........

Welcome to "New Music Mondays". I got some good tracks that yall gonna feel. My first track is by "Ali Vegas". He got a song called " Thats Nothing" produced by Scott Storch. Shit bangs.

Ali Vegas - Thats Nothing

Now I am not a big fan of R&B (Retarted Bullshit) but this dude brings it out in me. I love that futuristic sound and his beats are just that. And when you add some good vocals on top of it, your results will be streight bangers. I thought since i was feeling this dude so much i would post a couple songs just so yall can get a feel for him.......!!

Taio Cruz - She's Like A Star

Taio Cruz - Naked

Taio Cruz - I Cant Say Go

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Back With Another One

Because I had problems with my computer and was stupid busy with school, I was laggin' on the posts, but I did have a compilation in the works. Since it's been a minute since the last compilation I decided to pull a little twist by making it a double disc. So download, listen , and most of all, enjoy two-plus hours of freshness!

"lay back, cruise, and enjoy the sunshine"

Disc 1

1. Talib Kweli - Country Cousins ft. UGK
2. 50 Cent - Ryder Music
3. Big L - Street Struck
4. Grand Puba - I Like It
5. Slum Village - R U Ready? ft. DJ Jazzy Jeff
6. 2Pac - Temptations (Battlecat Remix)
7. Snoop Doggy Dogg - Gin & Juice (Laid Back Remix)
8. Snoop Doggy Dogg - Doggy Dogg World (Perfecto Mix)
9. Roy Ayers - Everybody Loves The Sunshine
10. Erule - Listen Up
11. The Pharcyde - She Said
12. Erykah Badu - Honey (Aeon Remix)
13. Taana Gardner - Heartbeat
14. Black Moon - Two Turntables & A Mic
15. Buckshot & 9th Wonder - Whassup With U? ft. Keisha Shontelle
16. A Tribe Called Quest - Find A Way
17. Gym Class Heroes - Viva La White Girl

Part 1

Part 2

Disc 2

18. 50 Cent - 21 Questions
19. Snoop Doggy Dogg - Which One Of You ft. Nine Inch Dix
20. Freeway - Take It To The Top ft. 50 Cent
21. Jim Jones - Byrd Gang Money
22. Young Buck - Drivin' Down The Freeway ft. Outlawz
23. Foxy Brown - Too Real ft. AZ
24. Noahdeeakili - Bossanoah
25. DJ Jazzy Jeff - BossyNova
26. Baron Zen - Burn Rubber (Dam-Funk Remix)
27. Dam-Funk - Sidewayz
28. Kleer - Tonight
29. DJ Quik - Tonite
30. Janet Jackson - Rock With U
31. Tony Toni Tone - Boys & Girls (DJ Quik Remix) ft. AMG
32. Sleepy Brown - I Can't Wait ft. OutKast
33. Dr. Dre - The Message Instrumental
34. J Dilla - So Far To Go Instrumental

Part 1

Part 2



Hidden Beach Remix - Week 2

So I guess this week two for "Hidden Beach" remix's and i got a real good treat for yall. Hidden Beach did a remix to one of favorite Pac joints. "I Get Around" They re-made this one pretty good yall. Go Check for yourself..!!

I Get Around - Hidden Beach Remix

And since i had such a great time last night gettin' drunk wit the homies, I thought I would give yall a little extra treat. Just in time for the....

Summertime - Hidden Beach Remix

Reggae Compilation - Vol 1

So I see that this site has covered almost every genre of music. Except one-----REGGAE!!! And I think this will be a great addition to the sites variety of music. And for those of you who don't know, L.A. Phil is full Belizean and Reggae is my shit. So I made a compilation of the hottest Reggae bangers. These joints is straight heat. So twist that blunt up, Take a seat and enjoy the Compilation..!!

Reggae Compilation - Vol 1

Media Fire


VIDEO : Flashing Lights Version #2


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fresh Out The Oven

Junior Boys-So This Is Goodbye

Junior Boys is probably a name you aren't familiar with, but will be soon. These dudes right here have me tripping on another level. Their album "So This Is Goodbye" has a lil bit of Electronic, Techno and alternative feel to it. This is music that should only be played while your high on weed, shrooms or some kind of drug. Listen mostly for the beats and not much the lyrics. Any wayz if this gets good feedback ill post their other albums as well....Peep

Junior Boys - So This Is Goodbye





We all love this track, and I'm sure you'll love the original sample as well.

Aretha Franklin - Call Me

Slum Village - Selfish

Till next time.



The Roots - What They Do

This track is real smooth, something to cruise and ride out too. Videos like these are surely missed and shows the difference in the music between then and now. Let's see more creativity in our videos as opposed to the watered-down formulaic videos we see today.

Other than that...enjoy the vid.


I Come Bearing Gifts

I'm still very aware of the lack of "are 'n bee" that's been posted throughout WerdUp's existence, although I must say that the schitt that was posted were all heat rocks, but in case you heads feel a little neglected, hope this makes you feel just a tad bit better.

Maxwell - Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite

Feeling better?

Annnnnnnnnddddddd...since I'm in a good mood, I got a little bonus for y'all.

Any opportunity to post a picture of Los Angeles I'm taking it. Which leads me to:

Flying Lotus - Los Angeles (ADVANCE)

Told you more Flying Lotus was on the way. This was a very interesting listen I have to say. But this guy is dope.




Hot new Common shit. He's tryna re-invent himself and i aint mad @ him. If this is what the album is gonna sound like, i'm ON it. Neptunes on the beat 2!!!!

Common/Pharell - Universal Mind Control

-Sir T

Which Would You Prefer.......?

The Most Expensive Car in The World.......?????
(Maybach Exelero)

The Fastest Car In The World......?????
(Bugatti Veyron)
Now after looking at those, dosen't this make you wanna fuck these people up for not being able to drive........

(note)* Eddie Griffin crashes the ferrari in the third

-L.A. Phil-

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In Case You Missed It......

I thought since summer was on the way i would bring this "WestCoast Classic" album back. Just In time for the beach cruising, female gettin' summer days. When I first heard it i was blown away with each and every track. And Im sure you will be to. Now If your a true "Westcoaster" you should definetely have this album in your iTunes. If not....

Your Welcome

Roscoe - Philaphornia

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

VIDEO: Jean Grae's Love Thirst

Jean Grae - Love Thirst (REMIX) ft. Busta Rhymes

Look out for the 9th Wonder/Jean Grae collabo Jeanius coming July 8th.


- Killa

Monday, May 19, 2008

Strip-Game Proper

This post is not about being a thirsty muthafucka and spending 2 weeks of hard-earned cash at the strip joint......cuz we all been's more of a tribute to Killa C....part time students/nude entertainers/single moms are attracted to this dude like nothin!!! hahaha but yo these tracks are for the ride there to get u juiced to start throwin all them 1's....degrading music at its finest just 4 LA PHIL!

Bow-Wow - Pole In My Basement

Daz - Bad MuthaFucka

Baby Bash/ Keith Sweat - Don't Stop

Blak Jak/T-pain - Ball Out (500 dollars)

- Sir T

Mixtape of The Week - Week 1

(DrumRoll) And the Mixtape of The Week goes to..........Nipsey Hussle!!!!!!!!!!! This nigga is the truth. I beleive this nigga is gonna be the next nigga out the west. He comes with that straight gansta shit so if you a little sensitive to degrading lyrics to women, please leave. That inludes you Tefe(Sir T) Every track on this mixtape is streight fire. Peep

Nipsey Hussle - Bullets Aint Got No Name

Second Download Site

MySpace Page

Hidden Beach Remix - Week 1

Aight yall, here is one of the first of many "Hidden Beach" Recordings i got. They basically Re-mix Hip Hop tracks with smooth jazz instruments. Amazingly my mom put me on these peeps and i appreciate her for that crucially. So the first track i got is "Forgot About Dre" The instruments they use in the re-mix is pretty aktive. I suggest you listen to the whole song........

Dr. Dre - Forgot About Dre

Hidden Beach Remix - Forgot About Dre

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Damn cant even describe this man. He is my new favorite producer next to Trackademicks. This beat is so crucial but watching him create it makes it just that much better. Check the vid and download the song below.............

Ryan Leslie - Addiction (Ft. Cassie)

All Mu'Fuckin' Day!

Hahaha! You mwarks are going fishing!

The Lake Show didn't have the prettiest of victories, but fuck it we in the....


And check this schitt out:
Blue Harvest was just the beginning.
And if you don't know, we got a few new members on staff. Welcome to the site, I have faith y'all will keep to what WerdUp stands for. Josh if you reading this get at me! We missing you!

- Killa

Friday, May 16, 2008


WUT IT DO WORLD!! Its ya boy L.A PHIL..!!! And its about time that Killa Cam got me on this damn site but here I is. Anyways i got some extreme heat coming up for the site and i think yall gonna feel it. For starts i got some aktive MIXTAPES that i will be posting weekly. Good Mixtapes are hard to find so i'll only post em' if they bang like two fine broads Ya Dig.!! Second, im a producer in training so ill be posting GARAGE BAND BEATS on the weekly. So if you could drop a comment or two on em', your criticism will be appreciated. Lastly, I have a whole collection of Hip-Hop Beats that have been Remixed by Jazz musicians so those will be posted as well. Now i feel its only right that my first post be on some aktive shit and its only gonna get more aktive when dealing wit L.A PHIL!!!...........PEEP

N.E.R.D - Everyone Nose (remix) feat. Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, & Pusha T

Now this song is sumn else. Its off their new album "Seeing Sounds" and its got European House feel to it which im digging Crucially. Kanye's verse is sick and Lupe Fiasco is a fucking genius. Check video above for the making of the song. N E Wayz enuff said.......

More Info On N.E.R.D New Album!!!!!!!

Game 6 Is Ours Son!

Laker game starts right the fuck now. We got this schitt.

Snoop Doggy Dogg & Kurupt - L.A. Lakers Theme

This track has been around for a little bit so excuse the lateness.

Lakers about to wrap this pinche series tonight!


My Hero....nuff said.

Allow Me To Introduce Myself, My Name Is....

...Sir Tef-a-ree

What is up my weepels. Sir T here...I am a music head and so are wouldn't be on werdUp if you weren't....While Killa Cam has kept this site at the pinnacle of freshness steadily I thought I'd do him the favor of adding a lil....flavor. Ha ignore the corniness cuz my tracks will make up for it....My shit is anything and everything I can ride too. The shit that turns heads when I got the windows down, the blunt lit, and the amps are earning their worth....^^RIP Ruby, my 94 camaro Z28...shes gonna be forever in my heart. GONE.

Terrace Martin - Bounce Rock Skate ft. DJ Quik, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Kurupt

we all know these are old dogs trying new tricks, but u still gotta love it. WestCoast Stand Up.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Man if you ain't already up on this Yay Area producer you are missing out. His production can be summed up in one word: FRESH! Lucky for you I got a couple of heatrocks that'll more than familiarize yourself with him. If you got a system, bang this schitt out!
and here's his recently released mixtape:
I know you will.... ;)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Buena Vista Social Club

I guess it's in the genes that I would like this kind of music. I love latin jazz. When I'm on my international tip I pull out this album. It puts me on another level of relaxation. I usually associate songs and albums with certain situations. With this album I picture cruisin' down the coast of Mexico on that rural tip.

Butummmmmmera....peep the album.

Buena Vista Social Club - Buena Vista Social Club



This takes me back to 8th grade. I didn't know there was a video for this.

Snoop Doggy Dogg - Wrong Idea



It's been a minute!!!! So I had to do it right. My boy Quik's classic Tonite samples from this supremely fresh ol' skool R&B/Techno track by Kleer.

DJ Quik - Tonite

Kleer - Tonight



Apparently a few tracks off of Dilla's unreleased MCA album leaked out last week. I'm not sure it's the entire abum, but with the tracks I got right here, this schitt is a banger!

J Dilla - Pay Jay (MCA Unreleased Album)


I'm A Fan

These guys are real. This album is 100% hip-hop and it's great. I'm officially a fan of these guys. Peep the album.

Kidz In The Hall - The In Crowd


Props to s*dot.


II Trill Is II Aktive!

Hey I got the same kicks as this man...This album is fucking HOT! Get on it cuz I'm not uploading it when the link goes stale.

Bun B - II Trill





Now I must go to class...~sigh~

These Joints Are Frrrrresh....

Special Olympic polka dotted dunks. If I had it my way I'd cop them all. It's hard to choose between the blue joints and the red joints in the center. But the yellow ones at the top can match with some Wu-Tang gear. I might go with the pair in the center. Either way, I want these!

For The Last Time This School Year: THURSDAY! THURSDAY! THURSDAY!

You can expect to see ya boy there.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Homie Lip's Favorite Artist Not Named Wayne

Very talented dude right here. Looking forward to his upcoming solo LP. Be on the lookout. In the meantime enjoy the vid.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Don't matter where you're from, you can vibe like a West Coast gangsta such as myself ~mwahahaha~ to these joints right here.

Battlecat - Best of Battlecat Vol. 1

Part 1

Part 2


here's some rare shit that you'll appreciate. This album was great and it's a damn shame that it never got released because if it did, it would have been a bona fide classic. But it is what it is.

2nd II None - The Shit

Every track is produced by none other than the man himself, DJ Quik.


And The Winner Is...

'Nuff said son. Respecognize! Now I gotta go finish my essay. Peace!
Player, Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Total Points
Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers 82 32 10 2 - 1100
Chris Paul, New Orleans 28 64 32 2 - 894
Kevin Garnett, Boston 15 23 56 26 1 670
LeBron James, Cleveland 1 7 28 77 8 438
Dwight Howard, Orlando - - - 7 39 60
Amaré Stoudemire, Phoenix - - - 3 18 27
Tim Duncan, San Antonio - - - 2 19 25
Tracy McGrady, Houston - - - 2 13 19
Steve Nash, Phoenix - - - 4 6 18
Manu Ginobili, San Antonio - - - - 9 9
Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas - - - - 5 5
Deron Williams, Utah - - - - 4 4
Carmelo Anthony, Denver - - - 1 - 3
Paul Pierce, Boston - - - - 1 1
Rasheed Wallace, Detroit - - - - 1 1
Carlos Boozer, Utah - - - - 1 1
Antawn Jamison, Washington - - - - 1 1

Monday, May 5, 2008

Guess Who's Making A Comeback!?!?

I wish...however I was talking about these:
Yezzir! My shoe game has been on a hiatus since I have to spend my money on schitt that I actually need, but I will be coppin' these when they come out. From my sources it should be around the Fall. So I'll have myself a new pair of kicks for school next year.
These don't look like they'll be making a comeback. Oh well, can't have everything.