Thursday, May 22, 2008

Junior Boys-So This Is Goodbye

Junior Boys is probably a name you aren't familiar with, but will be soon. These dudes right here have me tripping on another level. Their album "So This Is Goodbye" has a lil bit of Electronic, Techno and alternative feel to it. This is music that should only be played while your high on weed, shrooms or some kind of drug. Listen mostly for the beats and not much the lyrics. Any wayz if this gets good feedback ill post their other albums as well....Peep

Junior Boys - So This Is Goodbye





Anonymous said...

Links are dead, unfortunately :-(

WerdUp said...

Yes unfortunately. This was posted at a time when blogspots were poppin' with hookups of all kinds of music. unfortunately the government has beefed up its methods of cracking down and shutting down links to music piracy.

This is a great album and is definitely worth the purchase. Support!

Also, WerdUp has become LWKY. check out the new blog. Music and compilations are still posted here. Check it out.