Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Teddy Pinherassdown........

Who would of thought the "Auto Tuner King/Im Sprung/1 Hit Wonder" would of made it this far. (I Did) Well the fact is he did make it this far and now he might be on a new Michael Jackson track. Now this track is just a reference track for the King. Meaning that the breaks in the song is where Michael would put his vocals in.

Congrats - Now when the real song comes out you can brag about how you got the rough, non-mixed version.

Stop Playin - Michael Jackson (Ft. T-Pain, Usher, R. Lovette)
(Props. HHC)

-Bonus Cut-

He is such an Alchoholic. And thats why I like him.
Drinkers Anthem Right Here

Silver & Gold - T.Pain

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