Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm taking requests for the first official WERDupSUN blend tape...

Aight mu'fuckas.

I'm taking idea submissions for the first official WERDupSUN blend tape.

(From the Department of Redundancy Department)

It will consist of 10-20 tracks of blends: acapellas from classic Hiphop joints over the instrumentals from other classic Hiphop joints.

The rules are as follows:
  • All idea submissions must include a link to both the acapella and instrumental of your choosing. I don't have it all so if you wanna hear the blend THAT bad, you bring the groceries. You have two weeks for submissions. My email is posted.
  • Be creative in your choices. Pick an acapella that will give the instrumental new meaning or further emphasize the original theme and vice versa. Example... Biggie's "Juicy" acapella over the Ahmad's "Back in the day" instrumental.
  • If your idea is teh_gh3y... it'll get shot down faster that anyone quail hunting with our vice president. And believe me, I will be shooting. lol.
  • Save your breath. Unless it's "I got my mind made up" or "I get around", I won't be taking any 2pac requests seriously. Same goes for L'il Wayne, Lupe, The Clipse (I'll fux with the "Grindin'" instrumental though), Jeezy, Kanye... no one in girl jeans, sweater vests, white T nightgowns, or funky shades.
  • Be realistic with the BPMs of the acapellas and instrumentals. They gotta be in the same ballpark. 99% of Too $hort's material wouldn't work over the average breakbeat. Feel me?
My blends are the truth... look up my Big Chief + Jay-Z "The Crack Album" & "American Cartel" if you doubt the technique.

Ok minions... plot away.

-Big Chief


NO said...
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NO said...

I'm gonna send u some schitt nigga!

u will have mail soon!

(great idea btw.... kinda heated u brought it to these fuckerz b4 consulting with a *cough*REAL*cough* site) buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut...MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

naw all cock blockery aside and a super preemptive no brokeback ... i break my cuzzo's nuts cuz i can, and because i expect nothing but the best from his lil spic ass. i know he just trying to do his own thang and branch out of my supreme pimp shadow!