Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's been a long time...I shouldn've left you...without a DOPE beat to step to!

My apologies on my MIA status...summer had me doin' many things...not the computer so much. But IM BAAACK, and coming harder than ever. My music taste has evolved over these past 3 months as it always does, but I still got the ear... I'ma be breaking y'all off 1 song at a time till I F***ING learn how to make compilations on a PC which i feel would be a 108435733 times more effective, but unless one of u can point me towards the light, I shall remain in the dark.

WerdUpSun has gone to new levels that Killa, I, Phil and Jay would've never imagined. People are viewing this page from all around the world!!! We must be doin' something right, right?? We've even added some muscle to the all ready deep squad so this shit is gonna be bananas....keep hitting us up and don't stop with the feedback, we love talking to other music heads almost as much as we hate to see Killa talk to himself in the chatbox ~all love bro~. O I put the rush hour picture just cuz I felt like it.

Plies ft. Keyshia Cole, J. Holiday - #1 Fan
J. Holiday kiiillls this track

Young Jeezy - Hustlaz Ambition
The recession is lowkey the best album of far at least. and thats saying ALOT.

E40 ft. Akon - Wake it Up
Akon delivering a clean hook as usual.

TI ft. Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil' Wayne, MIA - Swagger Like Us
Do singles get any doper than this??!!..i mean cmon...

Feels great to be blogging again...~exhale of relief~. Enjoy.

-Sir T

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