Friday, September 5, 2008

No Piggybackin' On This One

My cuz'N put me on to this cat and I liked him, but I wasn't on him like he was, until now. This schitt is fuckin' crazy son. CRAZY! LA Phil I know you wasn't feeling this dude at all, but I think there might be some cuts (for sure the first two, and the last track) that you might be digging. Check it out.

Flying Lotus - Shhh!




NO said...

my lil nigga is finally picking up what i been puttin down!

that's whats up!

see you a generous ass nigga too, i got everything he has done and i aint posting this. i only post schitt AFTER they hear it first on my comp. ima certified hater like that.

that's why i created SOUNDSPREAD!

btw... how u liking that?

KiLLA said...

downloaded it last night...i see you got that bishop lamont joint!