Friday, October 31, 2008

LeBron James x Nicole Scherzinger

Damn they for real got some great chemistry. It's a real turn-on when Nicole is talking all sexy and schitt. And you know I was feeling that Tyrone Davis "In The Mood" joint in the background!


Alife Comes Correct!

New Alife shelltoes. I want all three equally. Cop 'em HERE.


Happy Halloween Bitches...

A Halloween themed effigy of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin decorates a house Monday, Oct. 27, 2008, in West Hollywood, Calif.

Gotta Love The Creativity!!

It Sure Will Scare The Kids

:News Report:


This Video Is Hilarious!!

Cant Wait For The Album...

Karaoke - TPain


Thursday, October 30, 2008

My New Favorite Artist...

And he goes by the name "RnB". Yup thats his actual name. He's a new comer to the game and Im really looking forward to his new shit.

Now his music is on that smooth tip. Shit you can fuck a bitch to.

Here's a quick preview:

Now If your feeling that shit, then you will definitely feel his album.

The Green Room - RnB


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Now Im Back Again.. Like A Sex Fiend Back To Rip Magnum Packagin's (All Me)

Yup... My com Is officially back. So Ima post everything I was going to and shit I missed In these couple of weeks. So If Im late...Fuck you, Ill catch up soon!

Now since we back on that Drake tip, I gotta post a track the homie "S.B" put me on.

Sooner Than Later - Drake

Sounds like he's singing with a mild use of that Infamous effect!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Need These In My Life

Another pic of my most wanted sneaker.


Look Who Got A New Tattoo


I'm looking forward to getting my own in the next couple months.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Some Sunday Shots

Illa J x J Dilla - Yancey Boys
(Click on the image)
Q-Tip - The Renaissance
(Click on the image)

Good looks to Gav on both of these shots.



Italian 5-0

This is suspect though. Where the hell are you supposed to put the bad guy? I think it's just for show. Unless they're only used for high-speed chases, that's the only way I can see any use for these.



Friday, October 24, 2008

The Tronic

Good looks on my Cuz'N for hooking this one up.

Black Milk - Tronic


I would have gotten to this to y'all earlier but schitt came up. So here's a bonus:

Black Milk - Music From The Color Purple




My New Favorite Rapper

Piggybackin' off the previous post is my new favorite artist. After you peep the mixtape you too will be on that tip.

Izza Kizza - Kizzaland



Cadillac Pimpin'

A Cadillac x Gucci collabo?!?!



"Make My Cypher Complete"

I didn't watch the BET Hip-Hop Awards but I'm sure I didn't miss anything special. However I am impressed with the idea of the cypher that showcases some of these commercial artists as a true MC as well as feature artists who are underground or artists who have cemented themselves as hip hop legends. With Premo on the one's and two's check out what I think is a great sign that hip hop is alive and well.



I think Juelz was the illest.


World's Best Producers cousin is a local producer named D-Nice. He has been doing his thing for like the past 4-5 yrs. Recently, he produced 2 tracks(with the artist, C-Nice) for the introductions for Diana Wehbe's radio shows on 99.1 KGGI. They also won (the old) 93.5 Kday's contest, "Play My Demo Friday."
D-Nice is a member of and needs your help to win Producer of the Month for October(his birthday month). He came in second for the past two months in two very tight races.
All you have to do is make an account on and vote for him this month.
Click here to view D-Nice's profile and vote on the right side of the screen. The winner of each month automatically becomes a nominee for Producer of the Year 2008.
Highly encourage you to please check it out!!!


"Is that with a post?!?!?!" lol

i've been sooo busy as of late
but guess wat..."hi haters, im back off hiatus!"
now "im bout to get my run on so hold the commas."
(lines from an artist that i featured in one of my first posts, Drake)

oh yea...wat do u get when u fuse a baby pic of me and a fat kid...that picture up there ^^^
i lmao every time i see it lol
but anyways, im back :]

Monday, October 20, 2008


This cat is crazy.

He shoulda replaced Ace Hood for the XXL Class Of '09 covers.

This track is so ridiculous I need to slap somebody.

Timbo is on some other schitt.

Off his upcoming album Mr. Next Year and damn I can't wait.

Izza Kizza - Millionaire (Prod. By Timbaland)



Class Of '09

Does anyone really give a crap about Ace Hood? And who thinks out of all these cats, will release an album between year's end and all of '09? If all these guys live up to the hype and produce something fresh, it would be a beautiful thing for Hip Hop.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Straight Out The Fuckin' Dungeons Of Rap..."

Greatest album of all time...period.

This schitt is timeless.

It will never get old, will always stay fresh.

If you ain't heard, stop what you listening to and be put up on.

Heard it already? Then I hope I reminded you to give it another listen.

This is the album that can convert non Hip Hop lovers into believers.

"And that's the triple truth, Ruth."


(and I stress that)


Do The Damn Thing!

You know the drill...


(unless you're under 18)

(or don't live in this country)

I wanted to keep werdUP neutral for the election. I don't feel it's our job to be biased towards a certain candidate or point of view and demean whatever values y'all have toward certain issues unlike some of the other blogs I've seen around the net. Instead we focused on what we makes I received my absentee ballot Friday, voted today, and will mail my schitt tomorrow. Glad that my first time voting so happens to be for the most important election of our time. So ya boy voted, and werdUP definently wants you to do the same. Whatever you believe in, make yourself heard.

"And that's the triple truth...Ruth."



I ain't feeling this. If you ask me I still prefer CD's. But I guess we must progress.