Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Dun Had A Relapse

So I listened to Relapse on Thursday and I gotta say...I'm feelin' it! I won't leak the whole album to y'all, but I will share with you my favorite joints.

My Mom (Dre you'z a fool for this one!)


Must Be The Ganja

This album will shut up a lot of haters who are doubting Em. People were complaining about his voice and all that but it was non-existent for me since it blended perfectly with the beats. The production is stellar and establishes the good doctor as a producer in a league all his own. As for Eminem? His flow, delivery, and word play are unlike no other and in my opinion he just bitch slapped everyone in the rap game today...established or up & coming. Yeah there were a couple songs that I thought were weak...but overall the album is a dope listen and I highly recommend you check it out. Matter fact do like a pimp do and buy the album, because it's worth it.


after hearing this track off the album:

Bagpipes From Baghdad

Nick Cannon has gone on the offensive! Check what he had to say HERE.

Nick Cannon vs. Marshall Mathers

Who ya got?!?!


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