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FLO Battle Rap

Battle King Johnny Rocket calls out Jay-Z, Drake, Eminem on Flo Mobile App

November 19, 2010

It seems like the streets of rap battles are beginning to heat up once again! New rapper Johnny Rocket, from the West Coast, has been posting his swagger field, lyrically inclined verses on the newest and hottest I-phone application out right now- Flo Battle Rap! No emcee is safe from this guy’s wrath- with artist like Eminem, Jay-Z, Drake and many more all being used as punching bags in his pretty impressive and witty rap verses! One line quoted from the super talented Rocket is, “They say I’m not sick, but since 9-6, I’m the only rap spit with a conscience! Forget Jay and all that non-sense…” Some categorize his, cockiness, humor, and arrogance as a blend of Nas, B.I.G., and Ice Cube! He is a rising star that the world has no choice but to pay attention to and keep their ears to the streets awaiting his big break-through. The handiness of this app makes the viewing of these verses easily accessible, and the posting of comments voice or written comments is easy to do as well. If you want to stay ahead of the game and know what is fire in the world of music right now, then you need to check out Johnny Rocket on Flo Battle Rap immediately!

More and more rappers, like Johnny Rocket, are turning away from the old school “rap venues” and turning to a more technology based outlet for their music. Nowadays, you mostly find rappers posting their new material on sites like,,, and various blog sites that are on the rise. Flo Battle Rap is leading the way as far as breaking into the phone industry and granting an even more convenient outlet for emcees. Johnny Rocket says he loves the app and thinks it is one of the greatest things created for rappers. “I love almost any form of expression when it comes to real music and real hip hop; but I definitely believe that we have to grow with the times and trends of technology as well. By me having easy access to recording and battling on my phone, I’m privileged to constantly practice and battle dudes, keeping my skills sharp and on point…” Mainstream artists like Kanye West and J. Cole are using and their personal web/blog sites as a common outlet to release their new tracks to the public as well.

The most viewed Rocket battle right now on Flo Battle Rap is his bout with rapper Dastylze. The two really do not like each other, and the users on Flo have been tuning into listen and see how this one will play out. Though Rocket has a better star rating on the app, Dastylze is not one to sleep on; with a vicious line saying, “Johnny Rocket, you think you’re bad now, telling all these other rappers that they need to bow down, but you won’t be saying that once I come around…” If you listen to Johnny Rocket’s response, you can tell that some of the lines that Dastylze hit him with stung his ego, as he toned down the jokes a little more and went straight for the punches! With Dastylze sort of British accent, it is hard to tell where he is from exactly, but it does not seem like it matters to Rocket, seeing how he mentioned meeting up with Dastylze in person a couple of times in his response. Let’s just hope that this beef stays over the airwaves and out of the streets. For more on up and coming artist and this battle, download Flo Battle Rap on to your I-phone ASAP and get connected to the new world of hip-hop!


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